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Becoming a Fellow 

What is an FCIA?

A Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (FCIA) can effectively apply the Canadian practice-specific standards, legislation, concepts and techniques of actuarial science as defined in the CIA’s education syllabus and has demonstrated a required amount of experience, including Canadian actuarial practice. 

FCIAs have opportunities across a variety of industries, from more traditional roles in insurance and pensions to emerging opportunities in banking and predictive analytics. FCIAs have a highly valued toolkit that can be applied in new environments in alignment with personal interests and goals – the possibilities are nearly endless. Fellows can append the initials FCIA to their names and may fulfill certain reserved roles in Canada. 

On average, it takes seven to nine years to become an FCIA, including university education, or one to three years after achieving another Fellowship-level credential from a recognized actuarial organization.

Why you should consider your FCIA designation 

An FCIA designation shows potential employers, clients and other professionals that you possess a particular and highly sought-after professional skillset and the experience to apply it in a specialized way. As a member of the CIA, you belong to the premier community of actuarial professionals in Canada and around the world. You are recognized for putting the public interest ahead of your own and for advocating on issues affecting Canadian society and its financial future. Your FCIA designation can help advance your career and open new opportunities in traditional and emerging areas of actuarial science.

Choose your FCIA pathway:

FCIA Syllabus

Designed as an integral part of the journey to Fellowship, the FCIA syllabus details the learning outcomes for five FCIA specialty tracks. Each track is comprised of two online FCIA modules and three online open-book FCIA examinations.

Important dates

FCIA modules available
The FCIA modules are not only a requirement for FCIA, but can also be used for CPD.
  • FCIA Module 1 
    All tracks roll out early summer 2024
  • FCIA Module 2 
    All tracks roll out late summer 2024

FCIA exam administration
All exams will be offered bilingually online using an open-book format to allow candidates to demonstrate the practical application of the technical skills learned. Each track will have three four-hour exams.

Ask your education questions every Friday on Zoom

Join us every Friday from 12:00-12:30 ET to speak with our education experts about the new education pathways. We can’t wait to answer your questions about becoming an actuary.

Apply to become an FCIA

If you have obtained all of the proper FCIA education and experience prerequisites as per the FCIA qualification pathway and the FCIA Application Guidelines (including any exemptions or credits for such prerequisites) and are ready to apply for FCIA membership, please contact [email protected].

Continuing professional development (CPD)

The needs of our profession and our clients are continually changing. CPD requirements ensure our members stay up to date and relevant, that ACIA/FCIA designation continues to be recognized as valuable and that standards of professionalism are always refreshed and upheld.