Duty to the public interest

Statement on the duty that the CIA holds to the public

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Our philosophy

We are committed to ensuring actuaries are highly skilled and well-informed professionals

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Actuarial Profession Oversight Board

The CIA is supported by the Actuarial Profession Oversight Board (APOB), an independent body that ensures the CIA’s professionalism and standard-setting activities and related processes are appropriate and responsive to the public interest.

Actuarial Standards Board (ASB)

Directs and manages the CIA’s actuarial standard-setting process in Canada.

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Professionalism and Credential Monitoring Board (PCMB)

Determines the CIA’s continuing professional development standards and monitors compliance.

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Professional Conduct Board (PCB)

Oversees the CIA’s disciplinary process.

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Tribunal Panel

Members of the CIA who are appointed to a disciplinary or appeal tribunal.

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