What being an actuary means

Actuaries manage risk to make sure people and organizations are prepared for whatever challenges or opportunities we might face. We are problem solvers that apply our knowledge of math, statistics, data modelling and analytics, and business to help Canadians face their financial future with confidence. Actuaries can work in traditional fields such as insurance, retirement and investments, but have an increasing sphere of influence in Canada and globally.

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If you enjoy math, helping people and taking on complex challenges, this might be the career for you. Are you a math-loving high school student exploring career paths? Visit All About Actuaries to learn what it’s like to be an actuary and chat with AI to see how the problem-solving actuaries do with math is related to risk.

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The future of actuarial science

What actuaries do constantly evolves with the world around us. Our role adapts to align with increasing globalization, advancements in technology and automation, emerging challenges like climate change and the corresponding shifts in what organizations need. With strong communication, technical, analytical and risk management skills, along with unequalled professionalism, actuaries have the opportunity to become brilliant business strategists and effectively lead businesses forward. CIA members are leading the way.

Canadian education for actuaries

Canadian education in actuarial science is world-renowned. Dedicated to the development of high-quality actuarial programs, the CIA assesses universities to ensure they have the people, structure and resources to deliver the fundamentals of actuarial education. Programs that have demonstrated their quality and rigour are added to the CIA’s University Accreditation Program. Furthermore, the CIA itself has a robust education and qualification system that provides innovative, flexible and accessible options for candidates with diverse backgrounds and career goals.

Pursue your professional designation

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Qualification pathways

Three qualification pathways have been developed to provide an inclusive approach to becoming an ACIA or FCIA.

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“The new pathways will let us get into new realms of business where any type of quantitative analysis is being done.”

-Abid Kazmi, FCIA

“The changes that are coming through to the education system are much more inclusive than the one single path we had before.”

-Valérie Adelson, FCIA

“Ultimately, when actuaries work together, we can achieve better outcomes and solve some of the more challenging issues facing Canadians.”

-Patrick Kavanagh, FCIA

“It’s the best of both worlds. I get to study a program that I thoroughly will enjoy as well as get credit throughout the process.”

-Noah Bensmihen, Student and #FutureActuary