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Becoming an Associate

What is an ACIA?

An Associate of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (ACIA) has the knowledge to identify, evaluate and analyze risk along with the technical, communications and business skills outlined in the CIA’s education syllabus. 

ACIAs typically work in industries that require strong technical and analytical skills. Associates can append the ACIA initials to their names and can continue on to an FCIA designation. ACIAs do not have signing authority and cannot fill reserved roles in Canada. 

On average, it takes around five to seven years to become an ACIA, including university education.

Why you should consider your ACIA designation 

A professional designation from the CIA shows potential employers, clients and other professionals that you possess the knowledge and skills and professionalism to be an effective actuary. Your ACIA designation will set you up for career success. 

As a member you will benefit from a comprehensive education syllabus, robust continuing professional development, thought-provoking and leading-edge research and world-class bilingual principles-based standards of practice and guidance materials and resources. 

ACIA syllabus

The ACIA syllabus bridges university education and the work environment. The syllabus covers ACIA Module 1, ACIA Module 2 and the Capstone Exam.

Important dates

January 17, 2024
The ACIA Capstone Exam helps candidates prepare for the actuarial profession and tasks related to entry-level actuarial positions. The exam assumes acquired knowledge in a recognized university degree, as well as from the ACIA modules, focusing on application and communication.

It is an open-book, six-hour exam, requiring analysis in the context of a problem and submission of written responses to specified tasks. The exam is split into two sections: a four-hour mandatory common section and a two-hour specialized section, long- or short-term, selected at exam registration.

January 30, 2024
Professionalism workshop (offered in French).

February 13, 2024
Professionalism workshop (offered in English).

Ask your education questions every Friday on Zoom

Join us every Friday from 12:00-12:30 ET to speak with our education experts about the new education pathways. We can’t wait to answer your questions about becoming an actuary.

Apply to become an ACIA 

Take the next steps to become an Associate or to complete the ACIA qualification requirements. If you have obtained all of the proper ACIA prerequisites as per the ACIA Qualification Pathways (including any exemptions or credits for such prerequisites) and are ready to apply for ACIA membership, please contact [email protected].