ACIA Syllabus

A woman and a man sitting at a table

The ACIA modules are a core educational requirement toward ACIA designation. They are intended to bridge accredited university education or education obtained via other actuarial organizations with the work environment. They are administered online via the CIA learning management system. The modules assume some knowledge of the topics acquired via a recognized university degree or through other Associate-level education. Outcomes that candidates are expected to achieve often cover multiple learning objectives, with an emphasis on communications in most tasks.

There is no formal prerequisite for the ACIA modules. Candidates in an accredited university will be expected to have completed some actuarial courses prior to completing the first ACIA module, likely in their second year of university. The second module should be completed when a candidate has nearly completed all courses relevant to the ACIA Capstone Exam. It is expected that these candidates undertake the second module in the last year of their university program. Candidates are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate knowledge.