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As an industry focused on determining and mitigating long-term risk and the financial well-being of the public, as well as many other impactful practice areas, professionalism is paramount. As an organization, we hold our members to a high level of professionalism. This includes education, rules of conduct and continuing professional development.

Education requirements

In order to obtain status as an Associate of the CIA (ACIA) or Fellow of the CIA (FCIA), our members must meet high education standards, such as completing a degree in actuarial science and passing qualification exams.
Learn more about becoming a member.

Professional conduct

The expectations for the conduct of our members can be found in our Standards of Practice, as determined by the Professional Conduct Board (PCB). Reports on the conduct of our members are investigated thoroughly and seriously. Learn more about the PCB and our standards or report on the conduct of a member.

Continuing professional development

As an important field with ever-changing models, predictions and assumptions, continuous learning is a necessary part of staying at the top of actuarial practice areas. On top of meeting education requirements, our members must meet yearly continuing professional development (CPD) requirements in order to maintain their qualifications.