Pathway 1

Start with a CIA accredited degree

This pathway is for those using the CIA education system exclusively. It is designed for students and graduates of a CIA-accredited degree program who want to achieve the ACIA and FCIA designations. In both cases, these goals would be pursued using the CIA’s innovative and practical online education and open book examinations.

ACIA designation via Pathway 1

If you are planning to leverage your accredited degree and pursue a career in actuarial science, the ACIA designation is a significant milestone and a prerequisite for the FCIA designation.

Why pursue the ACIA designation using this path

  • You want to hold a high quality, globally recognized Associate designation.
  • You are pursuing or have completed your actuarial education at a CIA accredited university.
  • You want it to stand out to employers that you have the knowledge, skills and professionalism to be an asset to their organization.

Steps for pursuing the ACIA designation via Pathway 1

Complete your recognized actuarial degree including CIA mandatory courses.

Successfully complete ACIA Modules 1 and 2 while you’re in university.

Pass the ACIA Capstone Exam when your degree is completed.

Complete the CIA Professionalism Workshop.

Contact [email protected] for application details.

FCIA designation via Pathway 1

If you are already an ACIA, becoming an FCIA can help you advance your career, enhance your actuarial credentials and open new professional opportunities in Canada and beyond.

Why pursue the FCIA designation using this path

  • You want to hold a high quality, globally recognized Fellow designation and gain the ability to occupy reserved roles in Canada.
  • You want to demonstrate specialized expertise and advance your career.
  • You want to open new opportunities in traditional and emerging areas of actuarial practice.

Steps for pursuing the FCIA designation via Pathway 1

Be an ACIA member.

Successfully complete the requirements of an FCIA specialty track.

Successfully complete the Advanced Professionalism and Leadership Course.

Demonstrate 36 months of experience within the last six years, including twelve months of Canadian experience in the last three years certified by an FCIA and accrued while being an ACIA.

Contact [email protected] for application details.