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CIA President’s Award

Established in 1998, the CIA President’s Award is granted to individuals who have made a significant impact on actuarial practice in Canada. Recipients of this award are selected by the CIA’s President for their passion and dedication to the actuarial profession, often demonstrating a commitment to the CIA’s vision of financial security for all Canadians.

2022 award recipients

The 2022 President’s Award was given to Steve Bocking, Marie-Andrée Boucher, Sarah Chevalier, Simon Guénette, Satnam MacLean, Cynthia Potts and Les Rehbeli. Together, these exceptional members led the development and successful implementation of IFRS 17, and we thank them for their visionary leadership and immense efforts.

Steve Bocking, FCIA, and Marie-Andrée Boucher, FCIA, Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting (CLIFR) Co-Chairs, October 2020-December 2021

As Co-Chairs of CLIFR and working alongside the IFRS 17 Steering Committee, Steve and Marie-Andrée worked tirelessly to develop comprehensive guidance on IFRS 17 for the life insurance sector. Their exceptional leadership included collaborating on joint initiatives and with third-party experts to provide instrumental details for the development of discounting under IFRS 17.

Sarah Chevalier, FCIA, IFRS 17 Steering Committee Property and Casualty Co-Chair, March 2023-present

Serving as the P&C Co-Chair on the IFRS 17 Steering Committee, Sarah’s expertise was crucial in coordinating the development and integration of P&C insurers with IFRS 17.

Simon Guénette, FCIA, Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting Committee (PCFRC) Chair, July 2022-present

As current Chair of the PCFRC and working alongside the IFRS 17 Steering Committee, Simon’s dedication was pivotal in developing guidance for P&C actuaries.

Satnam MacLean, FCIA, IFRS 17 Steering Committee Co-Chair, July 2021-March 2023

In the role of Co-Chair on the IFRS 17 Steering Committee, Satnam’s key contributions included extensive engagement with stakeholders and the actuarial community.

Cynthia Potts, FCIA, and Les Rehbeli, FCIA, IFRS 17 Steering Committee Co-Chairs, September 2017-present

Serving as Co-Chairs of the IFRS 17 Steering Committee, Cynthia and Les’ dedication was indispensable in establishing the committee’s foundations and leading the collective efforts of the CIA. Their pioneering directed the development of guidance and the culture of positive collaboration toward the implementation of IFRS 17. Cynthia stepped down as Co-Chair in June 2021 after orchestrating its foundation.

President’s Award Recipients

2023Steve Bocking, FCIA; Marie-Andrée Boucher, FCIA; Sarah Chevalier, FCIA; Simon Guénette, FCIA; Satnam MacLean, FCIA; Cynthia Potts, FCIA; Les Rehbeli, FCIA
2022André Choquet, FCIA; Gaetano Geretto, FCIA; Catherine Jacques-Brissette, ACIA; Karen Lockridge, FCIA
2021Claude Castonguay (posthumously)
2020Yvon Charest, FCIA
2019Jean-Claude Ménard, FCIA
2018David Hart, FCIA
2017Lynn Blackburn
2016Brian Burnell
2015Robert Brown, FCIA; Jim Christie, FCIA; Micheline Dionne, FCIA; Michael Hale, FCIA; A. David Pelletier, FCIA; Nancy Yake, FCIA
2012Nicholas Bauer, FCIA
2007Jean-Louis Massé, FCIA
2006Allan Brender
2005Claude Lamoureux 
2004Rick Neugebauer
2003Kenneth Clark, FCIA; James Paterson, FCIA
2002Yves Guérard, FCIA
2001Hugh White 
2000Morris Chambers, FCIA
1999Rob Dowsett
1998Paul McCrossan