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Core research

Core research supports practicing actuaries in the performance of their current duties or is likely to be necessary for the performance of their duties in the near future. Core research includes: 

  • Determining rate indications for mortality, morbidity and other insurance risks; 
  • Determining calibration criteria for stochastic models; 
  • Determining criteria for the use of machine learning or related predictive analytics models in the setting of rates, reserves and/or capital/funding levels; 
  • Conducting experience studies to enable individual entities to benchmark their results against peers; and 
  • Providing data and tools, as appropriate, to support the research activities of CIA members and their employers. 

The five core research risk types and their corresponding committees are: 

  1. Mortality
  2. Morbidity
  3. Property and Liability
  4. Investment and Credit
  5. Behavioural