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Contributed research program 

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Are you a member of the Canadian actuarial community? Is your research of interest to Canadian actuaries? Publish it with us. We publish research papers from every area of actuarial practice and papers that inform actuarial policy. 

The Research Council determines if a paper is suitable for publishing under one of our three streams.  

Not sure which stream to submit to? See below or contact us for more information.

Tips before submitting 

Before submitting your paper, note that:

  • Papers must use one of our approved Microsoft Word templates. Contact us to get the latest version.
  • Researchers must indicate which stream they want to submit to, and each stream has specific research criteria.
  • Authors retain copyright of their research but must provide the CIA with a release to disseminate the research.
  • Authors must provide source information for any graphics used and must obtain the permissions required to use them. The author is responsible for any associated costs.
  • The CIA will delay publication of an accepted paper until permissions have been acquired.
  • Authors pay no fee for publication, nor receive any compensation from the CIA for their work.
  • Each accepted paper is disseminated according to the plan approved by the Research Council.  The CIA covers the cost of disseminating the research.

Working paper stream

Papers providing new insights that are of topical interest and would benefit from rapid dissemination. They may identify problems or issues of an actuarial nature that could benefit from further research. Papers are reviewed for suitability but not for technical correctness.

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Peer-reviewed paper stream

Papers that provide deeper analysis of a problem or topic of interest to actuaries, CIA members and/or the public and include review by a peer. The peer-reviewer’s report is published with the paper to provide readers with further context.

Refereed paper stream

Papers that are in-depth and reviewed for technical correctness and suitability by at least two independent expert referees. Referees provide confidential review reports to the Research Council analysing the completeness of the paper and further avenues for improvement or investigation. These papers meet the CIA’s highest standard for research.

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