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Academic Research Grant Program 

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The CIA Academic Research Grant Program provides funding to academics at a Canadian university for the purpose of furthering research in actuarial science. It provides students at Canadian universities an opportunity to conduct research in actuarial science and trains the next generation of academic actuaries.

The Research Council invites proposals in any area of actuarial science. A significant portion of the funding must be used to support undergraduate or graduate students pursuing studies at a Canadian university and the research problem should be sufficiently narrow that the research can be completed during the funding period (typically 12 months or less). 

Proposals are encouraged if they: 

  • Apply traditional actuarial methods and techniques in new ways; 
  • Develop new solutions to traditional financial security problems; 
  • Explore topics of emerging interest; or 
  • Involve collaboration with industry practitioners. 

The next round of Academic Research Grant Request for Proposals (RFPs) will be available in the fall.