Exposure Draft to Revise Part 6000 of the Standards of Practice – Practice-Specific Standards for Post-Employment Benefit Plans

Publication date: 06-06-2023

Version: Draft

Language available: Bilingual

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In May 2020, the Actuarial Standards Board (ASB) established a designated group (DG) to review the Standards of Practice (SOP) for Post-Employment Benefit Plans (Part 6000, hereinafter “the SOP”). A notice of intent (NOI) was issued in June 2021 with a September 17, 2021, comment deadline.

The NOI presented some considerations for changes, mostly to align with current practice and to include some examples to provide further clarity to certain sections.

Categories: Practice

Types: Standards of Practice

Topics: Pensions

Pages: 63

Format: PDF

Accession no.: 223109