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Reading list for FCIA Syllabus – Group benefits track

Supporting the FCIA exam focused on the specialized group benefits track, this comprehensive reading list will provide you with the ideal study material to prepare for earning your FCIA designation.

Educational Note: Subsequent Events

The Committee on Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting (PCFRC) of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) has revised this educational note to take into account changes in CIA Standards of Practice (SOP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This […]

Educational Note Supplement: Changes to the Reference Curves’ Ultimate Risk-free Rate Development Approach Outlined in the Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting’s Educational Note on IFRS 17 Discount Rates

The purpose of this educational note supplement is to provide a summary of the changes to the reference curves’ URFR development approach that are expected to be reflected later this year in the IFRS 17 educational notes related to discount […]

FCIA Syllabus – Group benefits track

This document outlines the group benefits (GB)-track exams and modules syllabuses.