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Single Topic Task Force Report to CIA Members: Responses to comments on draft policy statement on nature-related risk

This report compiles the responses to comments received on the draft policy statement during the consultation process with members.

Integrating Nature in Climate Scenario Analysis for Enhanced Resilience

This CIA statement discusses the issue of nature-related risk as an important co-consideration that must be included in climate risk analysis, framework development and reporting. It demonstrates the necessity of considering biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation alongside climate risk. Learn […]

Comments from the CIA to FSRA on its consultation paper Potential FSRA Rule on Family Law Matters

The CIA submitted comments on a consultation paper that proposes changes to FSRA’s Family Law rules that will affect actuarial evidence actuaries practising in the family law area.

Comments from the CIA to FSRA on the Reliance on CIA Standards of Practice

The CIA submits comments to FSRA on a proposed change to their regulatory oversight of rate filing, by referencing the CIA’s Standards of Practice rather than relying on descriptive regulatory guidelines.

Comments from the CIA to OSFI on Draft Guideline E-23 – Model Risk Management

The CIA submitted comments to OSFI on this updated guideline that could provide additional guidance and compliance related to model use, AI, and machine learning.

Notice of intent – CIA insight statement on long-term disability insurance benefit differentiation based on age

This insight statement will provide an overview of the laws in Canada pertaining to discrimination on the basis of age and demonstrate that it is good public policy to maintain the exemption in law that permits differentiation on the basis […]

Notice of Intent – CIA Insight Statement on Immigration

The CIA is proposing to develop an insight statement that illustrates the necessity and impact of an immigration assumption as it pertains to the financial health of Canada’s public retirement programs, such as the Canada Pension Plan.

Education and Longevity

This insight statement presents an analysis of the correlation between wealth and longevity, global differences in education levels and their impact on longevity, and social security and health care spending. It is based on a 2021 member paper written by […]

Scolarité et longévité

Cet énoncé de principe présente une analyse de la corrélation entre la richesse et la longévité, les différences mondiales dans les niveaux de scolarité et leur impact sur la longévité, et la sécurité sociale et les dépenses en soins de […]

Integrating Nature in Climate Scenario Analysis for Enhanced Resilience – Draft

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