Balancing Act: Exploring Intergenerational Risk in Target Benefit Plans

Author: Chun-Ming (George) Ma

Publication date: 30-06-2024

Version: Current

Language available: Bilingual

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Building upon the IFoA’s study of the Royal Mail CDC Scheme, this contributed research paper delves into three types of intergenerational cross-subsidies within TBPs: implicit cost transfers, shifts in investment risk and temporal cross-subsidies. The objective is to deepen the understanding of intergenerational risk within these plans, informing legislative policy development and facilitating transparent, equitable plan designs. This paper contributes to innovative retirement planning, with an aim to promoting financial security for present and future retirees.

Categories: Research

Types: Contributed research

Topics: Pensions

Pages: 45

Format: PDF

Accession no.: 224080