Educational Note – 2022 Guidance to the Appointed Actuary and Valuation Actuaries for Property and Casualty Insurers

Publication date: 14-09-2022

Version: Current

Language available: Bilingual

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The Committee on Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting (PCFRC or the Committee) has prepared this educational note to provide guidance to the Appointed Actuary and valuation actuaries (referred to as “actuaries” in the rest of this note) in several areas affecting the valuation of the 2022 year-end insurance contract liabilities and other responsibilities of the Appointed Actuary of property and casualty insurers.

The educational note is structured in 10 sections and two appendices. The 10 sections provide guidance on recent and emerging guidance and issues. Appendix A contains a list of relevant educational notes and reference documents. Appendix B provides an update on IFRS 17.

Categories: Practice

Types: Educational notes

Topics: Property and casualty insurance

Pages: 17

Format: PDF

Accession no.: 222128

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Educational Note: 2023 Guidance to the Appointed Actuary and Valuation Actuaries of Property and Casualty Insurers