Member’s Paper: Key Factors for Explaining Differences in Canadian Pensioner Baseline Mortality

Author: Seyed Saeed Ahmadi, Richard Brown

Publication date: 09-05-2018

Version: Archived

Language available: English only

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In this paper, we further the research published by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries in the Final Report of Canadian Pensioners’ Mortality study, CPM, (2014), and consider new factors that explain differences in Canadian pensioner baseline mortality. We explore many of the factors that were found to explain UK pensioner baseline mortality in Madrigal, et al., (2011).
The factors we explore include the following: health condition at retirement, affluence, geographical information together with socio-economic factors (i.e., geodemographics), occupation, industry, and public versus private sector, among others. We analyzed mortality data for defined benefit pensioners collected by Club Vita Canada directly from pension plan and post-retirement benefit plan sponsors or their administrators.

Categories: Research

Topics: Pensions

Pages: 59

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