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Publication archives

Longevity of Condo Infrastructure

This insight statement explores some of the risks associated with condos and why owners, buyers, governments, municipalities, condo managers, board members and other stakeholders should better understand those risks. Building on a 2022 CIA research paper on condos, this statement […]

Protecting Pensioners of Traditional Defined Benefit Plans: A New Approach to Solvency Funding and Benefit Reductions on Plan Wind-up

The current system for winding up underfunded defined benefit (DB) pension plans involves dividing the segregated pension fund among all plan beneficiaries on a pro-rata basis according to the value of their pension entitlement. This means that if the available […]

Modelling the Future of COVID-19 in Ontario

Predicting future outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging due to ever-changing factors such as new variants, vaccines, seasonality, and dynamic government intervention measures. Further, we do not have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of these factors: we […]