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Report of the CIA Task Force on the Appropriate Treatment of Reinsurance

This report provides a brief overview of reinsurance and risk transfer principles, paying attention to the emerging international consensus. It provides guidance on assessing risk transfer in a reinsurance contract for accounting and valuation purposes, and examines other related topics […]

IFRS 17 Discount Rates for Life and Health Insurance Contracts – Erratum

Corrections have been made to the version of this educational note published on December 13, 2023. The December 13, 2023 version included an unintended change to the guidance regarding the selection of an interpolation technique when developing reference curves in […]

Comments from the CIA to FSRA on the Reliance on CIA Standards of Practice

The CIA submits comments to FSRA on a proposed change to their regulatory oversight of rate filing, by referencing the CIA’s Standards of Practice rather than relying on descriptive regulatory guidelines.

Guidance for the 2024 Reporting of Capital, Financial Condition Testing, and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment for Life and Health, P&C and Mortgage Insurers

The Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirements has prepared this educational note to provide guidance to actuaries in several areas affecting the reporting of the 2024 regulatory capital requirements, financial condition testing (FCT) and own risk and solvency assessment […]

Reading list for FCIA Syllabus – Property and casualty track

Supporting the FCIA exam focused on the specialized property and casualty track, this comprehensive reading list will provide you with the ideal study material to prepare for earning your FCIA designation.

Considérations relatives à la tarification territoriale en assurances IARD

Ce document d’appui à la pratique passe en revue les considérations relatives à la tarification territoriale, et il met l’accent sur la nécessité d’une approche adaptée.

Territory Pricing Considerations in Property and Casualty Insurance

This practice resource document explores territorial ratemaking considerations, emphasizing the need for an adaptive approach.

Reliance on the Work of Others in Property and Casualty Insurance Pricing

This educational note discusses range of considerations that practitioners can draw on to justify their use of another person’s work.

IFRS 17 Discount Rates for Life and Health Insurance Contracts

The Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting (CLIFR) has prepared this educational note to provide guidance related to setting the discount rates for the purpose of calculating the present value of estimates of future cash flows under IFRS 17. This […]

Educational Note: 2023 Guidance to the Appointed Actuary and Valuation Actuaries of Property and Casualty Insurers