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IFRS 17 Discount Rates for Life and Health Insurance Contracts – Erratum

Corrections have been made to the version of this educational note published on December 13, 2023. The December 13, 2023 version included an unintended change to the guidance regarding the selection of an interpolation technique when developing reference curves in […]

Considerations in the Determination of the Actuarial Liabilities of Canadian Charitable Gift Annuities

This educational note pertains to the valuation of gift annuities issued by Canadian charities, to establish an appropriate range of practice in the valuation of these gift annuities, taking into account recent changes in actuarial practice for the life insurance […]

Guidance for the 2024 Reporting of Capital, Financial Condition Testing, and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment for Life and Health, P&C and Mortgage Insurers

The Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirements has prepared this educational note to provide guidance to actuaries in several areas affecting the reporting of the 2024 regulatory capital requirements, financial condition testing (FCT) and own risk and solvency assessment […]

New research outlines mortality improvement trends in Canada

This media release announces the CIA’s research report, Mortality Improvements Research, which provides a careful analysis of historical mortality data and projecting future trends in Canada.

Mortality Improvements Research

This report summarizes the findings of research on mortality improvements in Canada, which was carried out by Ad Res Advanced Reinsurance Services GmbH in collaboration with Koblenz University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the CIA. The purpose of this […]

Mortality Improvements Research – Tables

These tables accompany the report titled, Mortality Improvements Research. The purpose of this research project is to provide a basis for the development of an updated set of assumptions for mortality improvements in Canada, which are to be used by […]

Notice of intent – CIA insight statement on long-term disability insurance benefit differentiation based on age

This insight statement will provide an overview of the laws in Canada pertaining to discrimination on the basis of age and demonstrate that it is good public policy to maintain the exemption in law that permits differentiation on the basis […]

Regulatory Capital Filing Certification for Life Insurers

This educational note regarding the certification of regulatory capital filings in Canada references the Standards of Practice and other guidance on the appropriateness of internal models used to determine required capital for segregated fund guarantees, and accounts for the Life […]

IFRS 17 Discount Rates for Life and Health Insurance Contracts

The Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting (CLIFR) has prepared this educational note to provide guidance related to setting the discount rates for the purpose of calculating the present value of estimates of future cash flows under IFRS 17. This […]

Guidance on Fairness Opinions Required Under the Insurance Companies Act

The Insurance Companies Act (ICA) includes governance requirements for directors of a company with respect to dividend policies for participating policyholders, management of participating accounts and discretionary management of adjustable policies. The same legislation imposes on Appointed Actuaries the requirement […]