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Canadian Institute of Actuaries highlights direct link between education and longevity

This announces the release of an insight statement focused on the link between education and longevity. It describes how higher educational attainment correlates with extended lifespans and contributes to enhanced overall health outcomes.

Education and Longevity

This insight statement presents an analysis of the correlation between wealth and longevity, global differences in education levels and their impact on longevity, and social security and health care spending. It is based on a 2021 member paper written by […]

Scolarité et longévité

Cet énoncé de principe présente une analyse de la corrélation entre la richesse et la longévité, les différences mondiales dans les niveaux de scolarité et leur impact sur la longévité, et la sécurité sociale et les dépenses en soins de […]

Canada’s actuaries support drug coverage for all Canadians by improving existing systems

In response to the federal government’s goal to ensure comprehensive drug coverage, we released a statement supporting a hybrid approach that builds upon existing public and private drug coverage plans. The key elements of our proposal include provincial and territorial […]

New publication on managing risks related to climate, housing and long COVID

This announces the release of Enterprise Risk Management: Managing Risks in Uncertain Times. Comprised of six thought-provoking articles, this publication delves into the evolving landscape of risk management, providing invaluable insights for risk practitioners across industries.

Report: Assessing the Impact of Marijuana Decriminalization on Vehicle Accident

This study proposes data-driven and reliable tools for assessing the impact of changes in marijuana laws on vehicle accident experience, by harnessing the publicly available data with the power of modern statistical and machine learning techniques under the integrative framework […]

Research paper: Pandemics-Driven Scenario Generation

With the analysis of both the pandemic risk and its relationship with the economy, the pandemic risk-driven scenario generator (PSG) is designed based on the findings. It uses a basket of fitted distributions to generate pandemic events including frequency, severity, […]

Technical article: Pricing considerations due to COVID-19

This article discusses pricing considerations for multiple lines of businesses. It aims to assist P&C pricing actuaries in making considerations under these unique pandemic circumstances.

Notice of intent – CIA insight statement on education and longevity

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Research paper – Covid-19: Setting the stage for a basic minimum income plan

Canada has some experience with minimum income experiments; the 1970s Mincome experiment in three Manitoba towns is an example. The costs of the experiment were shared by the federal and provincial governments (Forget 2018). In 2016, Ontario announced a pilot […]