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Policy on Meeting Minutes

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Guidelines on the Production of Meeting Minutes

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Policy on the Use of the CIA Logo

This policy is to demonstrate control and ownership of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) logo and to ensure it is used appropriately.

CIA and ASNA announce Nandisha Uppiah as winner of Inclusive Culture Scholarship

This media releases announces the results of the 2024 ASNA-CIA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarships.

Policy on Administration of Member Rights and Privileges

This policy provides detailed guidance about the administration of CIA members’ rights and privileges.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (Policy) provides users of our website, as well as our members, with the information they need to understand how we access, collect, use, retain, disclose and share your personal information and how this personal information can be […]

Media release – Canadian Institute of Actuaries launches first module in revitalized education system

This release marks the official start of the CIA’s new education system with the release of the first content module, a major milestone in transforming the actuarial education landscape in Canada.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries marks International Actuaries Day

This release marks International Actuaries Day being celebrated by the CIA alongside the International Actuarial Association and its member associations on September 2, 2023.  

Policy on Charitable Donations

New publication on managing risks related to climate, housing and long COVID

This announces the release of Enterprise Risk Management: Managing Risks in Uncertain Times. Comprised of six thought-provoking articles, this publication delves into the evolving landscape of risk management, providing invaluable insights for risk practitioners across industries.