Canadian Universities Offering Actuarial Studies

Canada has very strong university-level actuarial programs. Canadian universities have a global reputation for excellence in the quality and rigour of their programs, and they are well-positioned to introduce leading-edge techniques and progressive research to advance the profession. The University Accreditation Program (UAP) represents an important partnership between universities and the profession. An * indicates that the university is part of the CIA’s University Accreditation Program.


The University of Calgary offers a minor, major, and honours degree program in actuarial science. The required courses cover most of the material for the associateship examinations of the Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society. A co-operative education degree program in actuarial science is also available, allowing students to supplement their classroom experience with 16 to 20 months of work terms in the actuarial industry. Students can combine an actuarial program with a second degree program in commerce, economics, or statistics. Instruction in commerce is provided by the Faculty of Management, which also houses Canada’s first English university-level specialization and chair in insurance and risk management. Courses offered by the Insurance and Risk Management Faculty cover many of the senior associateship and fellowship examination topics.

Dr. R.S. Ambagaspitiya
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Tel: 403-220-5202
Fax: 403-282-5150
Website: https://math.ucalgary.ca/undergraduate/programs/actuarial_science


The statistics (honours) program offers a concentration in actuarial science. Building on the B. Math statistics (honours) program, this concentration provides a targeted sequence of courses in business and economics so that students meet all three undergraduate validation by educational experience (VEE) course requirements and have the background to write all three undergraduate level exams set out by the Society of Actuaries for professional designation with the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Shirley E. Mills
Associate Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics
Carleton University
Tel: 613-520-2600 ext. 2199
Website: https://admissions.carleton.ca/programs/actuarial-science/


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers BA and BSc specialization or honours programs in Actuarial Mathematics as well as BA and BSc specialization programs in Actuarial Mathematics/Finance, both in a regular or co-op format. The programs prepare students for the examinations of the Society of Actuaries—Exams P, FM, MFE, MLC—and the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Exams 1, 2, 3F, LC, ST, 4, and S. Graduate studies in Actuarial Mathematics at the MA, MSc, and PhD level are also offered.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Frédéric Godin, Ph.D., FSA, ACIA.
Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics 
Concordia University

514-848-2424 ext. 3494
Fax: 514-848-2831.
Website: https://www.concordia.ca/artsci/math-stats.html


L’École d’actuariat de l’Université Laval offre des programmes de formation aux trois cycles d’étude. Ces programmes spécialisés en actuariat couvrent les différents champs d’expertise requis pour l’exercice de la profession et offrent la possibilité d’un stage de formation pratique en milieu de travail crédité et rémunéré. De plus, ces programmes représentent une excellente préparation pour la plupart des examens professionnels. L’École d’actuariat est reconnue aux fins du programme d’exemption universitaire de l’Institut canadien des actuaires et est titulaire de la mention Center of Actuarial Excellence de la Society of Actuaries. L’École d’actuariat : des diplômes dont la réputation dépasse nos frontières, avec des finissants œuvrant sur les 5 continents.

Mme Isabelle Larouche, directrice du programme de baccalauréat en actuariat
Mme Hélène Cossette, directrice des programmes de 2ième et 3ième cycle en actuariat

Tél. : 418-656-2131
Téléc. : 418-656-3128
Site Web : http://www.act.ulaval.ca


Students can obtain Honours Science of Commerce degrees in actuarial studies through any of three undergraduate degree programs. All programs expose students to mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, accounting, and numerous actuarial courses. Graduates are equipped to attempt the first five examinations of the Society of Actuaries, and all three Validation of Education Experience (VEE) courses.

Xuemiao Hao, Acting Director, Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research

Tel: 204-474-8710
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.umanitoba.ca/management

McMaster University

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University offers a four-year honours BSc in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics. The program is also available with a co-op option beginning in the third year. The co-op option features two eight-month work terms, which adds an additional year to a student's required time for completion. 

The university has courses accredited for all three of the VEEs and covering the syllabus of the first four actuarial exams. The program draws from the department’s research groups in statistics and financial mathematics.

Dr. David Lozinski
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario  L8S 4K1

Tel: 905-525-9140 ext. 27034
Fax: 905-522-0935
Website: http://www.math.mcmaster.ca/


L’orientation actuariat du programme de BSc spécialisé en mathématiques vise à donner une formation générale en mathématiques à l’étudiant et à le préparer aux examens de la Society of Actuaries et de la Casualty Actuarial Society. Des cours en démographie, sciences économiques, administration, droit des assurances et informatique compléteront sa formation. Une version de type coopératif avec quatre stages en milieu de travail est offerte.

Claudia Gagné, Professeure adjointe de formation pratique en actuariat

Tél : 514-343-6240
Téléc : 514-343-5700

New Brunswick in Fredericton

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton offers a Certificate in Actuarial Studies which is given to students in any major who:

a) Complete all five VEE courses; and
b) Take courses that partially prepare them for Exams P, FM, and MLC.
The certificate is not a degree program, but is intended to encourage students to start thinking as early as possible about preparing for the first few actuarial exams. It is not aiming for exam equivalence at this stage, but it has produced students who have obtained positions at actuarial and consulting firms.

While the certificate program is only intended for UNB undergraduates at present, it was specifically designed to be open to all mathematically-talented students regardless of their major.

For more details, contact Jeff Picka, department of mathematics and statistics.

Prince Edward Island

The School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the University of Prince Edward Island offers one of the most complete major undergraduate programs in actuarial science in North America. It prepares students for exams P, FM, IFM, LTAM, STAM, SRM, and PA, as well as covering all the VEE requirements. 

Louis Doiron, FCIA, FSA, MAAA
Director, Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics Programs

Tel: 902-894-2830
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: 902-566-0466
Website: https://www.upei.ca/programs/actuarial-science


Students in any of the honours bachelor of science programs in mathematics and statistics may take courses within these programs, which will prepare them for most of the materials in the exams of the Society of Actuaries, up to and including course 150. Some of these courses are specifically designed for actuarial studies, although there is no separate actuarial studies program.

 Tel: 613-545-2438

Fax: 613-545-2964


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is the largest department in the faculty of science at the University of Regina, and offers degrees in mathematics and statistics both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The department has offered a program in actuarial science since September 2000. Interested students begin this program in their first year. There are also courses offered online. The department strives to make it possible for students to transfer in or out of the actuarial science program in the first or second year. Successful students graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in actuarial science. The actuarial science program provides a strong statistical and mathematical background in preparation for (most of) the required associateship courses of the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society. The program allows for optional courses from other related disciplines, such as administration, economics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics.

Douglas Farenick, Professor & Head
Department Mathematics and Statistics
University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2

Tel: 306-585-4148
Fax: 306-585-4020
Website: http://www.math.uregina.ca/

Simon Fraser University*

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Simon Fraser University offers undergraduate major and honours degrees in actuarial science. A suite of actuarial, mathematics, statistics, business, and economics courses in these programs ensure that graduates obtain both the theoretical foundations and the practical knowledge required to begin successful actuarial careers in a variety of settings. The department also offers a two-year research-oriented master's program in actuarial science. 

Barbara Sanders, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science

Website: www.stat.sfu.ca

St. Francis Xavier University

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a Concentration in Actuarial Science, taken as part of a mathematics major, and a Certificate in Actuarial Science which may be taken by students in other major programs. Both the Concentration and Certificate programs provide a foundation for pursing the professional education pathways and include courses accredited for VEE recognition by the Society of Actuaries. 

Dr. Joe Apaloo, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Dr. Keith De’Bell, Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Website: http://www2.mystfx.ca/math-stats/actuarial-science-program 


Students who enrol in the four-year Specialist Program in Actuarial Science are prepared to write Exam P (CAS Exam 1). By the end of their second year, students will have taken courses to earn credit for Exam FM (CAS Exam 2). At the end of their fourth year, students will have taken courses to earn credit for Exams MLC (CAS Exam 3L), MFE (CAS Exam 3F), and C (CAS Exam 4). In addition, there are courses in the program related to material in some specialty fellowship exams.

Vicki Zhang, ACIA, FSA, CERA, MSc.
Department of Statistical Science

Tel: 416-978-4308
Fax: 416-978-5133
Website: http://www.utstat.toronto.edu

UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal)*

Le baccalauréat en actuariat de l'Université du Québec à Montréal offre une formation reconnue comme Centre Actuariel d’Excellence (CAE) par la Society of Actuaries (SOA). L’UQAM fait partie du programme d’agrément universitaire de l’ICA en plus d’être reconnue comme un Centre Actuariel d’Excellence par la Society of Actuaries. Cette formation prépare notamment aux examens préliminaires de la SOA, et est axée autant sur les aspects professionnels de l’actuariat que ses fondements théoriques.

M. Jean-Philippe Boucher
Directeur du programme de premier cycle en actuariat

Tél : 514-987-3000, poste 2078
Téléc : 514-987-8935
Site Web: http://www.math.uqam.ca/actuariat/


The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo is home to one of the largest and most highly renowned actuarial science groups internationally.

The Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) is offered by the Faculty of Mathematics as a four-year regular honours program or a five-year co-op honours program. Co-op students complete six four-month co-op work terms as part of their academic program. There are a wide variety of co-op employment opportunities, and students can gain up to two years of diverse work experience before graduating.

The BMath program with honours in actuarial science covers a wide range of courses, including full coverage of the material of the SOA/CAS associateship requirements and some coverage of the SOA/CAS fellowship requirements. With a large actuarial faculty, the range of courses offered is broad and extends well beyond the SOA/CAS syllabi. Students may choose to gain a foundational knowledge in property and casualty insurance, pensions, corporate finance, risk theory, and life insurance. Also, students can concurrently earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) through the Business Administration and Mathematics Double Degree program offered in partnership with Wilfred Laurier University. 

The University of Waterloo has one of the world’s largest graduate programs in actuarial science. It offers professional masters programs as well as research-oriented masters and doctoral programs in actuarial science and finance, supported by a large and distinguished group of faculty. Faculty research interests include actuarial risk management, applied probability, risk theory, and quantitative finance.

Alice Pfeifer Hanov, Undergraduate Advisor and Program Administer for Actuarial Science
Tel: 519-888-4567 ext. 36989
Fax: 519-746-1875

Website: https://uwaterloo.ca/statistics-and-actuarial-science/

Western Ontario*

The Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences at Western University offers both honours specialization and major undergraduate programs in Actuarial Science. Students may also choose to combine an Actuarial Science major with another major such as Economics, Computer Science, and Mathematics, to name a few. Finally, in conjunction with the Ivey Business School, we offer a combined honours Actuarial Science/Honours Business Administration degree.

Our Actuarial Science programs include courses in math, actuarial sciences, statistics, financial modelling, mathematics, and economics, which cover topics tested on the preliminary Society of Actuaries (SOA) – P, FM, MFE, MLC, and C – and Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) exams as well as some topics tested on later exams. Our programs also include courses that can be used to obtain SOA validation by educational experience (VEE) credit. Additionally, some courses included in our programs may be used towards CIA/CAS accreditation (via the University Accreditation Program) if the respective grade requirement is met.

We also offer a 12–16 month industry internship program and an exchange program with City University, London, UK.

Western also offers graduate degrees that specialize in Actuarial Science.

Mary Millard, MSc, FCIA, FSA

Tel: 519-661-2111, ext. 88224
Fax: 519-661-3813
Website: http://www.stats.uwo.ca

University of Windsor

Students in the Bachelor of Mathematics programs at the University of Windsor may take courses in mathematics and statistics which will prepare them for exams P, FM, LTAM, and all of the VEE requirements. Some of these courses are specifically designed for actuarial studies, although there is no separate undergraduate actuarial studies program.

In addition, the University of Windsor offers a professional Master of Actuarial Science program, which prepares students for exams P, FM, IFM, LTAM, SRM, STAM, as well as covering most VEE requirements.

Dr. Myron Hlynka, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Tel: 519-253-3000 (ext. 3014) 
Fax: 519-971-3649


Actuarial studies at York University are conducted in the framework of the Mathematics for Commerce Program at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Three distinct routes to obtaining a Bachelor diploma currently exist with the Specialized Honours Degree being most comprehensive and preparing the students to write the P and FM exams at the end of their second year, the MLC and MFE exams at the end of their third year, and the C exam at the end of their fourth (final) year. All the VEE requirements are also taught with the corresponding courses being approved by the SOA.

Dr. Edward Furman

Tel: 416-736-5250, ext 33768
Fax: 416-736-5757
Website: http://actsci.math.yorku.ca