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Actuarial Profession Oversight Board (APOB)


Duties and Purpose

The purpose of APOB is to support the CIA in delivering on its promise to hold the duty of the profession to the public above the needs of the profession and its members.

APOB shall be satisfied that the CIA’s professionalism and standard-setting activities and related processes are appropriate and responsive to the public interest by overseeing and providing input to the activities of the following:

  • The Actuarial Standards Board (ASB), which directs and manages the actuarial standard-setting process in Canada;
  • The Professionalism and Credential Monitoring Board (PCMB), which directs and manages the CIA’s continuing professional development qualification standard-setting and compliance monitoring processes, oversees the CIA’s criminal conviction disclosure process, provides interpretation of the CIA’s Rules of Professional Conduct, and provides input and advice pertaining to the CIA’s qualification requirements and education programs from a professionalism and public interest perspective;
  • The Professional Conduct Board (PCB), which handles the Institute’s disciplinary matters; and
  • The Tribunal Panel, made up of at least 15 Fellows of the CIA who have agreed to be available for appointment to a disciplinary tribunal or an appeal tribunal as needed.
Additional information regarding APOB, including its members, terms of reference, meeting reports and communications, can be found on the APOB website.

Boards and Tribunal Panel Under APOB Oversight