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Actuarial Clubs and Other Associations

Actuarial Club of Alberta

Robin Damm, President
Tel: 403-261-4505
E-mail: robin.damm@towerswatson.com

Le Club des actuaires de Québec

E-mail: contact@clubactuairesquebec.org

Hélène Baril, President

Alexandre Potvin-Doucet, President-elect

Lauréanne Pomerleau, Treasurer

Félix Mill-Plourde, Secretary

Actuaries Club of Toronto

Executive Members:

Mike Arnold
Tel: 416-835-6284
E-mail: mike@arnoldtutoring.com

Jason Alleyne
Tel: (403) 460-6861
E-mail: jason.alleyne@besurance.ca

Arthur Da Silva
Tel: (416) 601-4492
E-mail: adasilva@deloitte.ca

Helen Duzhou
Tel: 416-868-2971
E-mail: hbduzhou@gmail.com

Michael McDermid
Tel: (416) 486-2550
E-mail: michael.mcdermid@td.com

Andre Choquet
Tel: (416) 263-7813
E-mail: andre.choquet@aonhewitt.com

Ahelan Sathiyaraj
Tel: (647) 920-5853
E-mail: ahelans@gmail.com

Fei Xie
Tel: (416) 552-3473
E-mail: fei.xie@gwl.ca

Si Xie
Tel: (416) 262-4956
E-mail: ssixie@gmail.com

Shamir Bhimani
E-mail: shamir.bhimani@gmail.com

Manisha Dias
Tel: (647) 501-2299
E-mail: mdias@scor.com

Casualty Actuaries of the North West

David Ménard, Treasurer
E-mail: David.Menard@icbc.com

IFoA Toronto Members’ Group

Rachel Gow, Chairman
Tel: 416-350-6864
E-mail: torontoactuaries@gmail.com

Pacific Rim Actuaries Club of Toronto

E-mail: info@pacificrimactuaries.ca

Paul Chow, President
E-mail: president@pacificrimactuaries.ca

Benny Wan, Vice-President

Fiona Kwok, Secretary

Houston Cheng, Treasurer

Vancouver Actuaries Club

Jesal Patidar, President
Tel: (604) 691-1021

Danny Yu, Vice-President
Tel: (604) 609-3722

Meredith Young, Treasurer
Tel: (604) 642-5200 x6068

E-mail: Vancouver.actuaries.club@gmail.com

Waterloo Actuarial Club

Michael Kwan, President
Tel: 519 747-7000 Ext. 237774
E-mail: Michael_C_Kwan@manulife.com

Winnipeg Actuaries Club

Gordon Yestrau, Co-President
Tel: 204-946-7655
E-mail: gordon.yestrau@gwl.ca

Julia Gudmundson, Co-President
Tel: 204-985-3877
E-mail: juliagudmundson@wawanesa.com

Association des actuaires IARD

Frédéric Saillant - SSQ Groupe financier
E-mail: president@aaiard.com

Marc-Olivier Faulkner - TD Assurance
E-mail: vicepresident@aaiard.com

Catherine Lemay - Group Promutuel
E-mail: tresorier@aaiard.com

Christian Nadeau-Alary - TD Assurance
E-mail: secretaire@aaiard.com

Actuarial Students’ National Association (ASNA)

Victor Wang, President
E-mail: president@anea-asna.ca

Independent Actuaries Network

Karim Gangji, Manager, membership, discussion topics and meeting services
E-mail: gangjika@dvassociates.com

Peter Tiszovszky, Treasurer and coordinator, meeting place services
E-mail: petertis@rogers.com

David C. Hart, Coordinator, discussion topics and catering services
E-mail: dhart@an-actual-actuary.com

Ontario Conference of Casualty Actuaries

Alena Kharkavets, President
E-mail: akharkavets@brokerlink.ca

Satnam MacLean, Vice-president
E-mail: samaclean@deloitte.ca

Mathieu Bellemare, Secretary-Treasurer
E-mail: Mathieu.Bellemare@intact.net

The CIA is pleased to promote and collaborate with the organizations listed above; however, they have no formal affiliation with the Institute.