An enriching volunteer experience starts with being informed. The following resources provide details on policies, systems, and structures within the CIA as well as who to contact for additional support.


Copy of New Volunteer Orientation New to volunteering? Learn everything you need to know about getting involved at the CIA – from how the types of volunteer roles through to share feedback. (If you are a new volunteer, you will also be asked to sign off on relevant volunteer policies.)

Chair welcome series

Chair Session 1 EN New in your role as chair? Get familiar with the strategic plan, how to recruit volunteers, and how to facilitate an excellent meeting.

Chair Session 2 EN The CIA’s structure is unique to meet the diverse needs of its members. This session is focused on the structure of volunteer groups and how they all fit together

Chair Session 3 EN (2) Recruiting members for your volunteer group is one of your key roles as chair. This session reviews the length of terms, group management tools, the volunteer application registry and other avenues for recruitment, volunteer appointments, then, finally, onboarding to your group. 

Chair Session 4 EN Chairs put a great deal of effort into building groups that make meaningful contributions and work well together. In this video, we’ll discuss your role in keeping group members engaged, how you can provide feedback, and the process for offboarding volunteers.  


Expense claim form


Travel Policy

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Whistle-Blowing Policy and Response Procedure

Volunteer Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy

Recognition and Awards Policy

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for Meetings and Events

Organizational information

2020–2023 Strategic Plan

The CIA's Organizational Structure

Head Office support