Each year, the CIA dedicates significant resources towards research to produce studies that offer valuable information to our members. The Research Council (REC) manages our research projects through the Experience Research Committee, the Academic Research Committee, and dedicated project oversight groups (POGs). In most cases, external groups such as universities or independent research firms conduct the actual research, with the relevant committee overseeing the project.

Allocation of Research Project Funds

We allocate funds annually among three project-category types:

  • Experience: Periodical empirical research offering practice-specific analysis of key actuarial contingencies;
  • Academic: Technical or theoretical research advancing actuarial knowledge; and
  • Topic-specific: Practice-specific, forward-thinking, strategic research supporting the actuarial profession and the public interest.

Guided by the Institute’s strategic priorities, funding for each category varies annually, influenced by industry trends and topics of public importance.

Have Your Say

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To get involved with the REC, one of its committees, or POGs, please contact Esteban Rivera, Project Manager, Research and Professional Practice. You can also indicate your interest through the My Volunteer Profile (log in required) section of the member website.