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Publication Date:
July 02, 2021
Advice statement to OSFI on its Draft Guideline B-2 (Property and Casualty Large Insurance Exposures and Investment Concentration)
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5 pages.
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) welcomes this opportunity to offer feedback on Draft Guideline B-2 issued by OSFI in November 2020.
The Discussion Paper on OSFI’s Reinsurance Framework released in June 2018 outlined proposed changes to the supervisory framework. Some principles presented in this discussion paper were included in Draft Guideline B-3 (Sound Reinsurance Practices and Procedures) published in June 2019. The CIA provided comments on the reinsurance discussion paper in September 2018 and also provided comments on Draft Guideline B-3 in August 2019.