Canada’s Actuaries Call for Discussions on Retirement Age

It’s time to start a discussion about updating Canada’s retirement programs to reflect the changing needs of all Canadians.

Actuaries are tasked with ensuring the financial sustainability of pension plans in Canada, and the CIA includes more than 1,700 members working in this area. With this expertise, actuaries are well placed to help legislators and decision makers ensure the financial security of all Canadians.

Our proposal, Retire Later for Greater Benefits: Updating today’s retirement programs for tomorrow’s retirement realities, is a starting point. We ask every Canadian to consider how Canada’s current retirement programs could better reflect the reality of how long we are choosing to work and how we better prepare ourselves for retirement.

How do we improve retirement income for Canadians? Check out the infographic summary.

Read our full public statement on retirement age.

Listen to the CIA’s Seeing Beyond Risk podcast on retirement age.

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