Most Recent Publications

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04/09/2021 AGCM015 Minutes: Actuarial Guidance Council Meeting No 15, March 9, 2021
04/09/2021 AGCA016 Agenda: Actuarial Guidance Council Meeting No 16, April 6, 2021
04/08/2021 221037 Educational Note: Guidance for the 2021 Reporting of Capital and Financial Condition Testing for Life, P&C, and Mortgage Insurers
04/06/2021 221032 Submission to the Department of Finance Canada on Pre-budget Consultations 2021
04/06/2021 221033 Submission to the Department of Finance Canada on the Strengthening Canadians' Retirement Security Consultation
04/01/2021 IFRS17SCM030 IFRS 17 Steering Committee Minutes - Meeting nº 030 (January 12, 2021)
04/01/2021 221036 Practice Resource Document: Climate Change Scenario
04/01/2021 221036t Practice Resource Document: Climate Change Scenario: Excel Tool
03/31/2021 221035 Practice Resource Document: Actuarial Aspects of Enterprise Risk Management
03/29/2021 221031 Draft Revised Educational Note Supplement: Calibration of Stochastic Risk-Free Interest Rate Models for Use in CALM Valuation
03/29/2021 221030 Initial Communication of Updated Promulgations of the Maximum Net Credit Spread, the Ultimate Reinvestment Rates, and the Calibration Criteria for Stochastic Risk-Free Interest Rates in the Standards of Practice for the Valuation of Insurance Contract Liabilities: Life and Health (Accident and Sickness) Insurance (Subsection 2330)
03/25/2021 BM115 Minutes of Special Board Meeting No 115 (February 4, 2021)
03/25/2021 BM114 Minutes of Board Meeting No 114 (December 3-4, 2020)
03/25/2021 221029 Notice of an appeal tribunal hearing in the matter of a charge filed against Mr. Gene Dziadyk
03/22/2021 act2020-5 Session 5: Stress testing in times of stress
03/22/2021 act2020-6 Session 6: Latest developments in modelling segregated funds
03/22/2021 act2020-23 Session 23: Regularization in linear models
03/22/2021 act2020-11 Session 11: Practical Considerations Concerning Variable Annuity Risk Management under IFRS17
03/22/2021 act2020-2 Session 2: Population aging, implications for asset values, pension plans, and social safety nets
03/22/2021 act2020-3-Venter Session 3: Building and Assessing economic scenario generators