Most Recent Publications

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04/01/2020 220041 Report on the Survey of Post-Level Premium Period Lapse and Mortality Assumptions for Level Premium Term Plans
04/01/2020 220045 Leveraging the Strength of our Members: Strategic Plan 2020-2023 and Operational Plan 2020-2021
04/01/2020 220044 Submission to the IAIS on Public Consultation on the draft Issues Paper on the Implementation of the Recommendations of the TCFD
03/30/2020 220042 2020-2021 Education syllabus
03/25/2020 220040 Research paper: Classification of risk sharing in pension plans
03/24/2020 RFPconversionmortality RFP: Data collection and analysis related to conversion experience study
03/20/2020 PENS20_2 Session 2 - Alternative Pension Plan Arrangements and Investment Options
03/20/2020 PENS20_4 Session 4 - Long-Term Economic Projections: Where Will Interest Rates Go?
03/20/2020 PENS20_5 Session 5 - How New Technology Can Help Deliver Investment Solutions for DC Pension Plans
03/20/2020 PENS20_6 Session 6 - Investment Implications of LICAT and IFRS 17
03/19/2020 AGCM002 Minutes: Actuarial Guidance Council Meeting No 2, February 11, 2020
03/19/2020 AGCA003 Agenda: Actuarial Guidance Council Meeting No 3, March 10, 2020
03/18/2020 220037 Negative Interest Rates and the Insurance Industry - Full report
03/18/2020 220039 Negative Interest Rates and the Insurance Industry - Summary
03/18/2020 220038 Submission to the IAIS: Public Consultation on the draft Application Paper on Liquidity Risk Management
03/17/2020 BA109 Agenda: Board Meeting No. 109 (March 25, 2020)
03/16/2020 EB0320 (e)Bulletin March 2020
03/16/2020 EB0320pdf (e)Bulletin March 2020 (PDF version)
03/13/2020 220035 Skills and Knowledge Inventories (SKI) for Enterprise Risk Management Area of Practice
03/13/2020 220036r Revised Exposure Draft to Incorporate changes required by the adoption in Canada of IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts, including Principles of International Standard of Actuarial Practice 4 – Actuarial Practice in Relation to IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts, into the Canadian Standards of Practice (redlined)