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The 2020 CIA Actuarial Evidence Seminar is going virtual!

The high-quality content you have come to enjoy at the in-person Actuarial Evidence Seminar will be fully online for 2020.  

The Virtual Actuarial Evidence Seminar kicks off on May 28 at noon EDT with the first session: Quantification of Financial Loss in Fatalities. 

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The webcast session on May 28 will feature presenter Jessie Gmeiner, FCIA, and host Amelia Burns, FCIA. The former will discuss the quantification of loss of financial support from employment-related and pension income of the deceased, as well as the loss of valuable services formerly provided by the deceased to the family. This presentation will look at all aspects of the work, including selection of assumptions, determining personal expense offsets of the deceased, and case law.

Future topics being considered include:


  • The application of prejudgment interest to past awards
  • A town hall session on a topical AE issue
  • A technical session using sample case studies and welcoming input from the audience
  • Updates to the AE Skills and Knowledge Inventory (SKI)
  • Updates from the AE practice committee


Going online doesn’t mean missing out entirely on the valuable networking opportunities you get from CIA seminars. The Virtual AE Seminar will feature great interaction and engagement, so you can experience meeting with your colleagues and friends in real time, online.

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For questions, contact Roxanne Vézina, Senior Coordinator, Education and Professional Development.

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