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Board establishes a CIA COVID-19 Response Team

Members of CIA leadership and senior staff management have been meeting regularly to oversee and coordinate the CIA’s activities in response to COVID-19. Since these activities will likely continue for the foreseeable future, the Board has formally established a CIA COVID-19 Response Team (CCRT) comprised of volunteer and staff leaders from key areas within the CIA. This group’s responsibilities are to:

  • monitor policies, advisories, and actions of all levels of government, and within other industries related to, or which may have an impact on, the Canadian actuarial profession;
  • identify potential effects of the pandemic on the actuarial profession and on the CIA and its members; and
  • ensure appropriate coordination of all CIA COVID-19-related initiatives between CIA Councils and volunteer groups in a timely manner.

See the full CCRT membership and mandate here.

For questions, contact Michel Simard, CIA Executive Director.

Announcement Number2020-04(07153) April 22, 2020