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Member Consultation: Governance

The Board has undertaken a review of the CIA’s governance model and practices, to identify areas where the CIA could make adjustments in order to improve its overall effectiveness and efficiency. The Board is considering the following potential changes to the CIA’s governance model and/or practices:


  • Reserved position on the Board for a newer member (an FCIA within seven years of having obtained Fellowship).
  • Change in the size of the Board.
  • Voting Associates (ACIAs for five or more years) allowed to run for election to the Board.
  • General Business Session conducted electronically outside of the Annual Meeting.


The notice to members includes detailed information regarding the proposed changes along with the rationale behind them.

Please take the time to review and consider the proposed governance changes and provide comments using the online form (you must be logged in to the members’ site) no later than February 16, 2018. You may also submit comments by e-mail to Lynn Blackburn, director, professional practice and volunteer services at
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December 13, 2017