Professional Development

Other CPD Events

The following are forthcoming events that may be of interest to CIA members and other financial professionals. Please note that they are not organized by the Institute itself, and anybody interested in attending or learning more should contact the organizers via the links shown. Note also that fees charged are determined by the host organization, not the CIA, and may be set in the currency (U.S.$, £, €, etc.) of the host organization.

For details of the Annual Meeting, specialty seminars, webcasts, and other events that the CIA stages throughout the year, which offer expert speakers, informative sessions, and networking opportunities, see the list of all upcoming CIA events page.

Note: Updates to this page occur on the first day of each month. As a result, some expired events may continue to appear in the list.

For information about the CIA’s response to COVID-19, visit this page.

Event Location Dates Organizer
 Current Issues for Your 12/31/2020 Statement of Actuarial Opinion and Reserve Report A CAS Webinar  Webcast February 10, 2021  CAS
 Population Health and Analysis Webcast  Webcast  February 11, 2021 SOA
 Supporting Participants' Decision-Making in Defined Contribution Plans Webcast Webcast February 17, 2021  SOA
 Beyond the Numbers: Using Data to Tell Compelling Stories  Webcast  February 25, 2021 CAS
Cloud Computing Webcast  Webcast  February 25, 2021 SOA 
 CAS Virtual Workshop – Python for Actuaries  Webcasts February 25–April 1, 2021  CAS 
2021 Ratemaking, Product, And Modeling Virtual Seminar  Virtual seminar  March 15–17, 21  CAS 
CAS Webinar: Predictive Modeling – A Regulator's Perspective   Webcast  March 25, 2021 CAS 
 2021 Life Insurance Conference  Webcast  April 12–14, 2021 SOA 
 2021 Retirement Industry Conference Webcast  May 12–14, 2021  SOA
2021 Actuarial Research Conference  Québec, Québec  August 4–7, 2021  CIA/SOA/CAS 
 2021 ReFocus Conference Las Vegas, NV   August 8–11, 2021  ACLI/SOA
 2021 Valuation Actuary Symposium  New York, NY August 30–31, 2021   SOA
2021 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit   Pittsburgh, PA October 24–27, 2021   SOA