Professional Development
Annual Meeting 2018, Toronto, Ontario, June 21-22

Annual Meeting – Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel – June 21–22, 2018

Sim Segal

Sim Segal is president and founder of SimErgy Consulting, a firm specializing exclusively in enterprise risk management (ERM). Headquartered in Manhattan, SimErgy provides ERM consulting services to companies in all sectors, primarily in the US and Canada. SimErgy also provides executive training on ERM.

With 30+ years of experience in measuring and managing risk, Mr. Segal is a globally recognized ERM thought leader with broad functional experience, deep technical knowledge, and ERM experience in a variety of sectors, such as insurance, banking, technology, consumer goods, biotech, telecommunications, education and research, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Mr. Segal is author of Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management and numerous articles in publications such as Forbes, American Banker, and Corporate Finance Review. He is also academic director of ERM programs at Columbia University, where he developed the now globally leading ERM MSc program. Mr. Segal is host of Risk Radio™, a weekly radio show featuring discussions and interviews on ERM topics. He has also conducted several ERM research studies.

Mr. Segal graduated summa cum laude from Wayne State University with a BA in mathematics. He was one of 40 global ERM experts awarded the CERA for “thought leadership and significant contributions to advance the practice of ERM”.



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