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Annual Meeting 2018, Toronto, Ontario, June 21-22

Annual Meeting – Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel – June 21–22, 2018

Kai Talarek

Kai Talarek is a partner in the insurance practice of Oliver Wyman, based out of the New York office. He has worked with major financial institutions on risk and balance sheet management, investment management, distribution optimization, and general strategy. He also heads Oliver Wyman’s high performance computing unit that enables leading-edge annuity asset liability management.

Areas of recent client engagement include risk and capital management, architecture design and implementation of ERM systems, variable annuity hedge design and capital management, data and analytics in financial services consumer behavior, distribution performance, strategy development, and regulatory frameworks for the insurance sector.

Mr. Talarek joined Oliver Wyman in 2006. He holds a master of science in mechanical engineering (Springorum medal) from RWTH Aachen University in Germany and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.



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