Professional Development

Yulia Reuter

Yulia Reuter is director of sustainability accounting on Manulife’s global finance team based in Toronto. Sustainability accounting is an innovative, multi-capital approach to finance. The definition of capital goes beyond the traditional to encompass non-financial capital that is at the company’s disposal to create long-term value, such as human, social, and natural capital.

Ms. Reuter is responsible for measuring Manulife’s non-financial intangible capital to help management grow the company’s socio-economic and environmental value. She is also responsible for a proactive response to the demand from global investors and regulators for enhanced non-financial information, including climate risk management.

A chartered financial analyst, Ms. Reuter has experience in traditional financial analysis with Canadian investment banks, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk analysis as the head of energy research at MSCI.