Professional Development

2017 CIA Annual Meeting

June 21–22, 2017
Québec City Convention Centre, Québec

Session 47 • A Proud Talk about a Modest Nation – Canada’s Economic and Financial Future in a Trumpian World

Keynote Speaker – The Honourable Joe Oliver 

“Canada is the greatest country in the world,” says Joe Oliver. We’re blessed with a stable democracy, a diverse and highly educated population living in peace, with vast natural resources and a wealthy economy. However, there is uncertainty: a fragile global economy, weak commodity prices, slow economic growth, the rise of populism, and outsiders in power. In this talk, Oliver takes the pulse of Canada’s financial challenges, drawing on his work as minister of finance and minister of natural resources. From Montréal to Paris to Boston to New York to Toronto, Oliver’s career has spanned investment banking, securities regulation, and politics. A lively and provocative speaker, he assesses our fiscal policies, the challenge posed by the new U.S. administration, and how we must rethink conventional ideas to assure a strong and prosperous future for our great country.



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