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St. John's Convention Centre, NL

Presentation Material

The CIA will not be providing hard copies of presentation materials for sessions. All presentations received (including amended materials) are available below. Presentations received after June 10 will be uploaded after the meeting. 


Session 1 • General Business Session
Rob Stapleford (FCIA), John Dark (FCIA), Deborah McMillan (FCIA)

Session 2 • Successfully Navigating Difficult Conversations (Presentation unavailable prior to Meeting)
Stephanie Banfield (FCIA), Bruce Mayhew*

Session 3 • Canada’s Retirement Income System: The Next Chapter
Stephen Cheng (FCIA), Jonathan Chevreau*, Bernard Dussault (FCIA), Fred Vettese (FCIA)

Session 4 • Risk Aggregation and Diversification
Brian Loewen (FCIA), Evren Cubukgil*

Session 5 • Defined Contribution Benefit Solutions – Multi Employer & Single Employer
Edward (Tsu-Jen) Kuo (FCIA), Nabil Merali (FCIA), Jeremy Bell (FCIA)

Session 6 • Selective Lapsation: A Retrospective on VTP2
Eric Lemay (FCIA), Jean-Pierre Cormier (FCIA), Emile Elefteriadis (FCIA)

Session 7 • What is Keeping Your CRO up at Night? Emerging Risks in the Insurance Industry
Luc Bergeron (FCIA), Dominic Hains (FCIA), Johanne Papillon (FCIA)

Session 8 • Dynamic Risk Assessment in P&C Insurance
Houston Cheng (FCIA), Paul-André Savoie*

Session 9 • Behaviour, Psychology, and Insurance 
Rachel Li (ACIA), Chris Falkous*, Laural Warren

Session 10 • Ethical Decision-Making for Actuaries
Chris Fievoli (FCIA), Frank Grossman (FCIA)  (CIA Rules of Professional Conduct)

Session 11 • Key Factors in Setting Canadian Pensioner Mortality/Longevity Assumptions
Jeffrey Gomes (FCIA), Douglas Anderson*, Richard Brown (FCIA), Dean Tolla*

Session 12 • ERM Panel (No presentation)
Danielle Harrison (FCIA), Shannon Patershuk (FCIA), Kathleen Thompson (FCIA), Ella Young*

Session 13 • Global Benchmarks around the Product Development Process
Mayur Shah (FCIA), Farron Blanc*, Mathew Smith (FCIA)

Session 14 • Fluids, Dye, and Predictive Colours by Numbers
Marc-André Melançon (FCIA), Marc-André Belzil (FCIA), Stephen Cooley*
Session 15 • Cyber Risk – Both a Threat to and an Opportunity for the Insurance Industry?
Houston Cheng (FCIA), Ruchir Kumar*, Jennifer Soper*

Session 16 • IFRS – 2016 Developments
Jacques Boudreau (FCIA), Paul Downes (FCIA), Matthew Garnier (FCIA)

Session 17 • IAA Risk Book
Dave Sandberg*, Jacques Tremblay (FCIA), Stuart Wason (FCIA)

Session 18 • Bond Overlays
Thomas Keenleyside (FCIA), Nathan LaPierre (FCIA), Tommy Ouellet (FCIA)

Session 19 • Update on Research Funded by the CIA and other Actuarial Associations with Important Implications for Actuaries: Does Demographic Change Affect Economic Growth and Asset Values?
Doug Andrews (FCIA), Stephen Bonnar (FCIA), Lori Curtis*

Session 20 • (Almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Group Critical Illness and Travel Insurance Coverage
Jeremy Bell (FCIA), Isabelle Bouchard (FCIA), Jean-Philippe Simard (FCIA)

Session 21 • Dynamic Risk Assessment in Life Insurance
Jean-Pierre Cormier (FCIA), Blake Hill (FCIA), Paul-André Savoie*

Session 22 • In Times of Change, What Can We Learn from a Forensic Accountant and a Nuclear Engineer?
Houston Cheng (FCIA), Marc-André Lajoie*, Jack Martin*

Session 23 • Joint Plenary Session with Joint Colloquium Delegates – The Personalized Medicine Revolution
Emile Stipp*, Jacques Boudreau (FCIA), Pieter R. Cullis*


Session 24 • ASB and CLIFR Updates 
Ty Faulds (FCIA), Stéphanie Fadous (FCIA), Jean-Yves Rioux (FCIA)

Session 25 • PPFRC and ASB Update
Marie Desrochers (FCIA), Gavin Benjamin (FCIA), Simon Nelson (FCIA)

Session 26 • Climate Change, Sustainability, and the Work of Actuaries
Pierre Dionne (FCIA), Caterina Lindman (FCIA), Karen Lockridge (FCIA)

Session 27 • Long-Term Disability (LTD) Pricing and Management: Is Your Analysis Disabled?
Isabelle Bouchard (FCIA), Denis Garand (FCIA), Jeffrey Schuh (ACIA)

Session 28 • The Older Age Market – Profitability Impacts of Distribution and Pricing
Bob Brown (FCIA), Daniel Doyle (FCIA), Michael Kidney*

Session 29 • Combined with Session 24

Session 30 • Auto Insurance in the Era of Autonomous Vehicles
Houston Cheng (FCIA)

Session 31 • Keynote Presentation – Michael Woodford 
No presentation

Session 32 • Breakout Session with Michael Woodford: Whistle-Blowing and Lessons on Governance and Crisis Management 
Chris Fievoli (FCIA), Andrew MacRae*, Michael Woodford

Session 33 • Innovations in Decumulation Options under Capital Accumulation Plans
Tulio Walles Mora (FCIA), Nigel Branker (FCIA), Emily Tryssenaar (FCIA)

Session 34 • Critical Illness Insurance Risk – Linking the Past to the Future
Benoit Miclette (FCIA), Dr. Monica Wilson*

Session 35 • Thinking in New Boxes: A New Paradigm for Practical Creativity in Business
Debbie Chiu (FCIA), Alan Iny*

Session 36 • Operational Risk Management and Quantification
Frank Reynolds (FCIA), Hamish Lock*, Alexander Shipilov*

Session 37 • Government Consultations and CIA Submissions
Craig Allen (FCIA), Stephen Cheng (FCIA), Pascale Belleau

Session 38 • Municipal Risk Assessment Tool (MRAT)
Houston Cheng (FCIA), Ian Moss*

Session 39 • Ethical Challenges for Actuarial Professionals • Keynote Speaker – Diane Girard
Ethical Decision Making Framework
Case Study - Burying Bad News




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