Professional Development
2016 AE Semniar Banner

Toronto : St. Andrew's Club & Conference Centre – 150 King Street West

Guest speakers

Chris Bentley, executive director, Legal Innovation Zone and Law Practice Program, Ryerson University, former Attorney General of Ontario
Session 6 • Innovation and the Actuary – Towards a 21st-Century Justice System

Peter Coyte, professor, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto
Session 3 • Inflation in the Cost of Care

Amelia Burns, actuarial analyst, GML Actuaries
Session 4 • Statistics Canada Data – National Household Survey and the 2016 Census

Andrew Murray, partner, Lerners Lawyers
Session 5 • Wearing Two Hats: The Consultative and Testimonial Roles of an Expert 

Audrey P. Ramsay, lawyer, Blouin Dunn 
Session 1 • New Ontario Auto Insurance Regulations – the Impact on Tort Claims

Laura Weir, consulting economist, Economica
Session 2 • Methods to Project the Educational Attainment of Minors