Professional Development

Seminar for the Appointed Actuary

Montréal: Hôtel Bonaventure Montréal

September 17-18, 2015

Presentation Material

The CIA will not be providing hard copies of presentation materials for sessions. All presentations received (including amended materials) are available below. Presentations received after September 14 will be uploaded after the meeting. 

Thursday, September 17

Session 1 (Joint) • The Evolution of ORSA in Canada
Diane Gosselin (FCIA), Darrell Leadbetter*, Mario Robitaille (FCIA)

Session 2 (Life) • IFRS
Denise Lang (FCIA), Gordon Creber (FCIA), Matthew Garnier (FCIA), Lesley Thomson (FCIA)

Session 3 (P&C) • Updates from the Committee on P&C Insurance Financial Reporting
Houston Cheng (FCIA), Sarah Bhanji (FCIA), Michel Dionne (FCIA)

Session 4 (Life) • CLIFR, Valuation and Experience Developments
Emile Elefteriadis (FCIA), Dominic Hains (FCIA), Josephine Marks (FCIA), Rebecca Rycroft (FCIA)

Session 5 (P&C) • IBC Discussions on the Auto Regulatory Environment, Recent Economic Developments, and the Impact on P&C Insurance
Houston Cheng (FCIA), Nadja Dreff*, Ryan Stein*

Session 6 (Life) • Risk Management in Segregated Funds
Maciej Augustyniak*, Mathieu Boudreault (AICA)

Session 7 (P&C) • On the Record: A Former Chief Actuary Shares her Eventful Ten-Year Journey at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
Rachel Dutil (FCIA), Camille Minogue

Friday, September 18

Session 8 (Life) • Modelling: Standards, Validation, and Stochastic Aspects of Modeling
Richard Brown (FCIA), Steve Prince (FCIA), Nazir Valani (FCIA)
Session 9 (P&C) • Reinsurance and Alternative Capital
Francois Dagneau (FCIA), Philippe Trahan (FCIA), Mark van Zanden (FCIA)

Session 10 (Joint) • Disruptive Technologies and Other Trends
Nancy Bewlay*, Cindy Forbes (FCIA)

Session 11 (Life) • Recent Developments in Pricing and Product Development, and their Implications for Risk and Capital Management and Reserving
Elizabeth Boulanger (FCIA), André Piché (ACIA), Gaurav Upadhya (FCIA)

Session 12 (P&C) • Modelling Floods
Satnam MacLean (FCIA), Anya Sri-Skanda-Rajah (FCIA), Jane Toothill*