Professional Development

Pension Seminar

Toronto - November 13, 2013

Michael Peters

Michael Peters has been the deputy superintendent, pensions, with the Office of the Superintendent of Pensions since 2004. He is responsible for operational and strategic policies related to the administration and enforcement of the Pension Benefits Standards Act (PBSA), and for the development and implementation of a risk-based regulatory framework for oversight of pension plans.

Mr. Peters joined the pension standards branch of the Ministry of Labour in 1994 as a senior analyst, and oversaw a portfolio of defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans. In 2003, the branch was transferred to the Ministry of Finance and became became part of the Financial Institutions Commission. He also worked with the registered plans division of Revenue Canada, where he helped implement the tax reform brought in to codify pension legislation in the Income Tax Act.

Mr. Peters has been active in consultations regarding the proposed pooled registered pension plans (PRPPs), working with the federal/provincial/territorial working group on pensions, and he chairs the Canadian Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities PRPP Committee. After actively participating in the drafting of the new PBSA passed by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, he is overseeing development of the regulations required to bring that act into force. He has also briefed cabinet ministers and the Executive Council of British Columbia on pension matters.