Professional Development

Investment Seminar

Toronto - November 12, 2013

Nicolas Papageorgiou

Nicolas Papageorgiou, PhD, is Associate Professor of Finance at HEC Montréal. He is also senior derivatives strategist for the Montréal Exchange (M-X), and co-founder and managing director of ReplicQuant, a financial engineering firm that develops proprietary financial software focusing on quantitative strategies and risk management solutions.

Prior to joining the M-X this year, Prof. Papageorgiou was director of quantitative research at Pavilion Financial Corporation, where he worked with the advisory services team to introduce innovative and customized investment solutions to clients. From 2006 to 2009, he was director of research at Desjardins Global Asset Management, where he was responsible for developing and implementing risk management, hedge fund replication, and alternative beta strategies.

Prof. Papageorgiou has published articles in leading academic and practitioner journals and has presented his research at numerous conferences worldwide.