Professional Development

Actuarial Evidence Seminar

Montréal - September 20-21, 2013

Presentation Material

The CIA will not be providing hard copies of presentation materials for sessions. All presentations received (including amended materials) are available below. Presentations received after September 06 will be uploaded after the meeting.


Session 1 •  Update from the Committee on Actuarial Evidence
Kelley McKeating (FCIA), Jay Jeffery (FCIA), Peter Martin (FCIA)

Session 2 •  Beyond Pension Valuation–Adding Value in Family Law Matters in Ontario and Elsewhere
Kelley McKeating (FCIA), Jamie Jocsak (FCIA), Carolyn Martel (ACIA)

Session 3 •  Statistics Canada Open Licence Agreements
Stephen Cheng (FCIA), Ian Karp (FCIA)

Session 5 •  Forensic Accounting: Employment Income, Corporate Income, Dividends, Sales of Businesses
Michael Kavanagh (FCIA), Jean-Charles Plante*

Session 6 •  Revised Actuarial Evidence Standards of Practice
Jay Jeffery (FCIA), Jim Christie (FCIA), David Wolgelerenter (FCIA)


Session 7 •  Bodily Injury Assessment: When the Letter of the Law Does Not Necessarily Follow Actuarial Logic
Maryse Larouche (FCIA), Daniel Gardner*

Session 8 •  Interest Calculation Software for Legal Professionals
Luc Rivest (FCIA), Marc Gélinas*

Session 9 •  Boosting Performance with Cloud Computing
Daniel Gagné (FCIA), Henri Quiniou*