Professional Development

Seminar for the Appointed Actuary

Montreal - September 26-27, 2013

Presentation Material

The CIA will not be providing hard copies of presentation materials for sessions. All presentations received (including amended materials) are available below. Presentations received after September 20 will be uploaded after the meeting.


Click on the icon MP3 to hear the audio recording.

Session 1 (Joint) Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA)
Marco Fillion (FCIA), Christine Thibault*, Catherine Tremblay (FCIA)    MP3

Session 2 (Life) Educational Note on Participating Insurance, and OSFI On Actuarial Oversight of ALM
John Dark (FCIA), Nadine Gorsky (FCIA)   MP3

Session 3 (P&C) – Using Predictive Modelling Techniques in Reserving
Ming Zhang*, Chris Gross*   MP3

Keynote Speaker Presentation
Marcel Côté

Session 4 (Life)
Predictive Modelling – Uses in Decision Making
Jean-Yves Rioux (FCIA), Stephanie Banfield (FCIA), Chris Stehno   MP3

Session 5 (P&C) Reinsurance Market Conditions and Capital Tranching
France Fortin (FCIA), James Lyons*, Donald F. Mango*   MP3

Session 6 (Life) ASB Notice of Intent – Update to Standards Relating to Investment Assumptions
Robert Berendsen (FCIA), Ty Faulds (FCIA), Alexis Gerbeau (FCIA)   MP3

Session 7 (P&C) What Have We Done for You Lately? An Update from the Committee on Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting
Isabelle Périgny (FCIA), Cynthia Potts (FCIA), Julie-Linda Laforce (FCIA)  MP3


Click on the icon MP3 to hear the audio recording.

Session 8 (Life) IFRS Phase II Standards – An Update on the Latest Release
Simon Curtis (FCIA), Micheline Dionne (FCIA), Johanne Papillon (FCIA)  MP3 

Webcast on IFRS Phase II Standards:
MP4 audio
WMV video (808MB)

Session 9 (P&C) Proposed Regulatory Capital Framework—Status Update and Implications
Christopher Townsend (FCIA), Nathalie Bégin (FCIA), Judith RobergeMP3

Session 10 (Life) Developing Solvency Frameworks in Canada and Europe
Hélène Pouliot (FCIA), James Malin (FCIA), Sylvain St-Georges (FCIA) MP3

Session 11 (P&C) A P&C Perspective of IFRS Phase II Standards—An Update on the Latest Release
Jacqueline Friedland (FCIA), Neil Parkinson*, Jonathan Turner*  MP3

Session 12 (Life) CLIFR - News and Views
Rebecca Rycroft (FCIA), Alexis Gerbeau (FCIA), Nikolai Serykh (FCIA)  MP3

Session 13 (P&C) DCAT to ORSA and Internal Capital Models—How Do We Get There?
Bill Weiland (FCIA), Jean-Marc Léveillé  (FCIA), André Racine (FCIA)  MP3