Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD)

What are your CPD requirements?

For more information, the Qualification Standard identifies the minimum CPD requirements that members must meet, pursuant to Rule 2 of the CIA Rules of Professional Conduct, in order to perform professional services.

The new version of the mandatory CPD professionalism module will be available in early April through the e-learning platform. All Fellows, Associates, and Affiliates will receive an email invitation through the e-learning system to complete the new version of the module. For questions or support regarding its use, please contact [email protected].

Unless you are exempt from the CPD requirements (see the new Qualification Standard – Requirements for CPD (effective January 1, 2021)), you are required to complete this mandatory professionalism module once every two years. If you have not yet completed it, you must do so by December 31, 2021 (2020–2021 reporting period). Members who completed it in 2019 or 2020 will need to next complete it in 2022.

question and answer webpage is available to help you better understand the changes to the CPD requirements. Additional Q&As regarding general CPD and other related enrolment issues are also included.

See the full schedule of upcoming events to meet your CPD requirements.

This chart clarifies the CPD requirements which apply as of January 1, 2021. 

CPD requirements effective January 1, 2021
How do I comply?
  • 80 hours of guided and/or self-study CPD over a rolling 2-year period*, including 30 hours of guided activities

    • Members may also be deemed to have met these requirements if they

      1. Wrote an actuarial exam/module in the last 2 years (not yet FCIA); or
      2. Are not a Canadian resident, are doing no Canadian work, and comply with the requirements of another actuarial association.


  • Mandatory core CIA professionalism module every 2 years
Am I exempt?
  • All members must now be CPD compliant unless they qualify for one of the following:

    • Retirement (not at work for pay); or
    • Special circumstances (e.g., family leave of longer than one year, disability)
An application for exemption must now be submitted and approved.
How am I monitored?
  • Annual monitoring and audit of a selection of compliance statements is undertaken each year.
What are the consequences of non-compliance?
  • Possible suspension of membership after reminders and opportunity to remedy CPD compliance.
  • Public member directory will include only active members and indicate their status. Suspended members will not appear in the directory.


*At the time of filing a CPD compliance statement, a member who is on, or returning from family leave, may use CPD activities from a period prior to the normal two-year reporting period, that is equivalent to the length of the family leave (to a maximum of one year). The completion of the core professionalism requirements during this extended period would also be permitted.