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Welcome to the CIA’s University Accreditation Program (UAP)

The UAP allows candidates to enjoy a rich and rewarding university experience that will make travel time to the Associate (ACIA) and Fellow (FCIA) designations more predictable, with minimal duplication of effort, while leveraging the strength of Canadian universities.

The UAP represents an important partnership between universities and the profession. Canada has very strong university-level actuarial programs that have been underutilized by the profession. Canadian universities have a global reputation for excellence for the quality and rigour of their programs, and they are well-positioned to introduce leading-edge techniques and progressive research to advance the profession.

Read more about the accredited universities and their course offerings.

The UAP provides ACIA and FCIA candidates credits for some of the preliminary professional examinations while maintaining high standards for entrance to the profession.  

The Institute’s UAP, introduced in universities in September 2012, has established criteria for the following: 

  • Mapping university course content to the professional education syllabus;
  • Determining the appropriate number and type of faculty dedicated to teaching courses;
  • Testing and grading procedures leading to the final credit grade for students;
  • Setting the minimum acceptable grade for each credit course in each university;
  • Monitoring the number of students achieving the credit grade from each university in relation to the overall passing percentages for professional exams and the historical passing percentages on those exams by university;
  • Having professional representation of the Institute (an FCIA, or an ACIA with another Fellow designation) in the form of an accreditation actuary dedicated to the program in each university;
  • Having review mechanisms in place to monitor the program; and
  • Having continued dialogue with education partners, employers, members, universities, and the public regarding the program.
  • These measures ensure that the CIA’s credits achieve or surpass the acceptable achievement standards for the professional exams which they represent. Through a collaborative approach and ongoing monitoring and review, the system for accrediting university courses and providing exam exemptions to students will be continually improved.

    UAP credits are recognized by other actuarial organizations around the world. 

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    The UAP enables the CIA to grant credits for up to four preliminary professional examinations. Working closely and rigorously with 11 accredited universities across the country, the CIA upholds the highest standards in education.