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Practice Education Course FAQ 

Does the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) recognize the CIA Professionalism Workshop (PW) and the PEC?

Yes. The CAS will accept successful completion of the CIA PW and the PEC as meeting the requirements for the CAS COP.

Prior to January 1, 2019, property and casualty (P&C) candidates seeking ACIA and FCIA qualification could meet CIA and CAS professionalism requirements by attending the CAS Course on Professionalism (COP) when offered in Canada in lieu of the CIA PW, and they were exempt from the CIA PEC.

Starting in 2019, P&C candidates for ACIA qualification must now earn credit for the CIA PW. Candidates for FCIA qualification must earn credit for the PEC. Some exceptions apply.

What are the PEC eligibility requirements for P&C candidates?
Visit the eligibility requirements page for details.

Specifically, if you are pursuing the CAS educational pathway, the PEC eligibility requirements are:

1. ACIA level education: VEE Accounting and Finance, VEE Economics, credit for CAS exams 1, 2, 3F, MAS 1, MAS 2, Online Courses 1 and 2;
2. FCIA level education: CAS Exam 6-C; and
3. At least two years of professional experience.

In lieu of step 2, PEC eligibility is possible with at least 36 months of Canadian P&C experience accrued within the last four years working full-time. Note that exam 6-C remains a requirement for FCIA qualification. If you attend the PEC based on experience, you must still successfully complete 6-C to qualify for FCIA.

You must meet all requirements at the time of the PEC registration.

Do all P&C candidates have to attend the PEC now?
No. To assist P&C candidates to transition to the new requirements, the Education and Qualification Council (EQC) approved the following transition rules:

1. Candidates who completed the CAS COP in Canada by December 31, 2018, will receive credit for the PW and PEC until December 31, 2023.

Note: If you are eligible under this transition rule, please apply for ACIA as soon as you meet the requirements to avoid a lapse of your PW credit.

2. Candidates who complete the CAS COP in the US by December 31, 2019, AND complete the CIA PW by December 31, 2019, will receive credit for the PEC until December 31, 2024. No recognition for the US COP will be granted for courses completed after January 1, 2020.

I’m a P&C candidate, but I’ve never written the CAS COP in Canada. What must I do?
The December 2018 CAS COP in Montréal was the last offering of the Canadian version of COP that the CIA will recognize and was the last offered by the CAS. Any candidate who did not complete the CAS COP in Canada by December 31, 2018, must complete the CIA PW to meet CIA requirements.

I have a designation from a recognized actuarial organization. How can I get into the PEC?
Visit the eligibility requirements page for details.  

Specifically, if you wish to attend the PEC in the P&C track, you must do the following:

  1. Provide proof of membership in good standing from your recognized actuarial organization.
  2. Demonstrate that you have at least 36 months of Canadian P&C experience accrued within the last four years working on a full-time basis.

In lieu of step 2, you can demonstrate credit for CAS Exam 6-C combined with at least two years of professional experience.

You must meet all requirements at the time of PEC registration.

Can I apply for the PEC before I meet the work experience requirement providing I will have the experience at the time the PEC starts?
No. In order to apply for the PEC, you must meet the minimum experience requirement at the time of application

If I am currently missing a qualification but am sitting the exam before the PEC, can I still apply?
This may be possible. Please contact Leslie Lenton for more information.

How do I apply for the PEC?
Applications are accepted in your member account during the application period. Once logged in to the CIA website, click on My Profile, Applications, PEC, and follow the steps outlined on the page. Applications for December will be accepted starting June 28.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please contact [email protected]