Membership & Education

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What are your CPD Requirements?

For more information, the Qualification Standard identifies the minimum CPD requirements that members must meet, pursuant to Rule 2 of the CIA Rules of Professional Conduct, in order to perform professional services.

January 1, 2019 January 1, 2020
How do I comply?
  • 100 hours of CPD over a rolling 2-year period which includes:

    • 24 hours of structured activities (12 technical hours); and
    • 4 hours of professionalism activities.
  • 80 hours of guided and/or self-study CPD over a rolling 2-year period:

    • Includes 30 hours of guided activities
  • Mandatory core CIA professionalism module every 2 years


  • Members may be deemed compliant if they

    • Wrote an actuarial exam/module in the last 2 years (not yet FCIA); or
    • Are not a Canadian resident, are doing no Canadian work, and comply with the requirements of another actuarial association.
Am I exempt?
  • Members determine whether CPD is required in their situation. Potential exemption claim under several categories.
  • All members must now be CPD compliant unless they qualify for one of the following:

    • Retirement (not at work for pay);
    • Family leave; or
    • Special circumstances.
An application for exemption must now be submitted and approved.
How am I monitored?
  • Annual monitoring and audit of 1% of filings.
  • Annual monitoring and audit of a higher number of members.
What are the consequences of non-compliance?
  • No consequence for non-compliance or non-filing, other than a red dot in the public member directory.
  • Possible suspension of membership after reminders and opportunity to remedy CPD compliance.
  • Public member directory will include only active members and indicate their status. Suspended members will not appear in the directory.