Membership & Education

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Members of the Institute are required to complete 100 hours of combined structured and unstructured relevant activities, which includes at least 24 hours of structured activities, over the last two complete calendar years.

These hours must include at least 12 hours of structured activities related to the member’s technical skills and a combination of four structured or unstructured hours related to professionalism.

  • Structured – Activities planned in advance or where more than one point of view is provided, such as, but not limited to, attendance at meetings, seminars, or other programs with relevant content that contribute to the CPD of the individual member.

  • Unstructured – All other activities that contribute to CPD, but which fall outside of the structured activities. This would include education obtained through private reading, research, preparing for a presentation, informal discussions with colleagues, and studies that can be part of normal work requirements.

Members are required to retain personal records of their CPD activities for a period of five years.

Acceptable CPD activities must be relevant at the time they are completed and appropriate to support the member in maintaining his or her level of skill and knowledge as the actuarial profession evolves.

Non-Canadian CPD activities would count as long as they are relevant. Ultimately, it is the member’s decision as to the relevance of an activity, but the member should be able to support such a decision if requested to do so.

For more information, the Qualification Standard identifies the minimum CPD requirements that members must meet, pursuant to Rule 2 of the CIA Rules of Professional Conduct, in order to perform professional services.


An exemption from compliance with the CPD Qualification Standard may be claimed by a member who either:

  • Is not performing professional services of an actuarial nature; or
  • Has written an actuarial exam/module sponsored by the CIA, the Society of Actuaries (SOA), or the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) during the last two complete calendar years and who has not yet obtained his or her CIA Fellowship designation; or
  • Due to special circumstances. The decision to grant such an exemption shall be at the discretion of the Eligibility and Education Council.

In addition, a member who does not reside in Canada; does no work in Canada, as defined in Subsection 1230 of the CIA General Standards; and is a full member, at the highest available level, of another International Actuarial Association (IAA) Full Member association that has established CPD requirements, may choose to comply with that other association’s CPD requirements in lieu of compliance with the CIA Qualification Standard.

If the member is not required by the other association to meet its CPD requirements, the member must voluntarily follow the other association’s CPD requirements in order to be exempted from compliance with Section 2 of the CIA CPD Qualification Standard.

Please note, the CIA does not guarantee that other actuarial organizations will recognize CIA CPD exemptions towards fulfilling the requirements of that organization.