Membership & Education

CERA Application

As a CERA Award Signatory, the CIA grants the CERA designation through two routes:

  1. The CAS CERA Education Process;  and
  2. The SOA CERA Education Process.
Please note that you must be a member (Associate, Affiliate, or Fellow) of the CIA in order to have your CERA granted by the CIA.

Apply for CERA through the CIA

To have your CERA awarded by the CIA, upon completion of the requirements, CIA members must inform the educating organization that they wish to have their CERA granted by the CIA, and must complete the application form, to be submitted to the CIA.

Apply for CERA

Transfer your CERA to the CIA

Existing CERA holders may also transfer supervision of their CERA from the originating organization to the CIA.  

To transfer supervision of your CERA designation to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries, please submit the Transfer of CERA Supervision Form.  

Transfer CERA